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Low Calorie Superbowl Menu


Superbowl day seems to call for one thing: fingerfood! Check out this menu of low calorie foods that can be eaten sans utensils, making eating while game watching a simple task!

1. Boneless Buffalo Wings

Kimberley K. Eggleston

We love buffalo wings, but they are typically not the healthiest of party treats. These boneless buffalo wings, made from chicken breast tenders and little added fat, will taste great while not ruining your diet. Serve with blue cheese dipping sauce for the full effect.

2. Baked Tortilla Chips

Kimberley K. Eggleston
It is just a given that the superbowl menu includes a bowl of chips. But, instead of indulging in high-fat, high-calorie, sodium-laden commercial snack chips, make your own out of corn tortillas, cooking spray, and a little salt. It doesn't get any simpler than this!

3. Two-Tomato Salsa

What is a chip without a dip? You could go for fat-laden cheese dip to accompany your tortilla chips, or you can get a boost on your veggies for the day with this attractive two-tomato salsa to serve along with your chips. Afterall, chips and salsa are a traditional pair, so nobody will even sense that they are low calorie when you serve them up together on game day.

4. Herbed Vegetable Dip

Again, serving fingerfoods that take advantage of lots of vegetables is an easy way to keep the spread low-calorie. Make a batch of this yummy herbed vegetable dip, and serve with a colorful array of veggies such as carrots, radishes, red bell pepper strips, celery, and any other vegetables that you and your guests love.

5. Low Calorie Bean Tostadas

Kimberley K. Eggleston
Now here's a great idea for a party. Serve these tasty, low calorie bean tostadas, but let your guests dress them on their own! Provide the crisp tortillas, then set out serving dishes with the beans, cheese, olives, sour cream, tomatoes, salsa, and lettuce, and let your guests make their own personal tostada. They will enjoy the option of choosing which toppings they are in the mood for!

6. Banana Blackberry Smoothie

Sure, smoothies aren't the first thing you would think about in the middle of winter, but as things heat up with the big game, this might be a refreshing treat to finish off the superbowl meal. Use frozen blackberries, and whip up a large batch that you can divide among guests so that you are not tied down in the kitchen. The smoothies only take a few minutes to make, so you can quickly make another batch on commercial breaks if needed.
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