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Top 5 Low Calorie Cookbooks


As you wade through the myriad of low calorie cookbooks on the market today, keep these five selections at the top of your list. There is a cookbook here to suit everyone, from the novice looking for convenient low calorie fare, to the experienced, gourmet low calorie cook wanting to stretch their culinary ambitions.

1. Cooking Light Low-Fat Low-Calorie Quick & Easy Cookbook

What more could you ask for? Low-fat, low-calorie, quick, and easy. This full-color, 240-page cookbook from the ever-popular Cooking Light name is a collection of over 250 recipes, hand-picked from previous year's publications especially for their ease and speed in preparation. Not only will you find intriguing recipes like Chicken with Curried Apricot Sauce and White Chocolate Angel Trifle, but this book will also arm you with tips on achieving an efficient kitchen such as simple ways to save time, and speedy shopping tips. A must-have for the cook without a lot of spare time.
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2. Hungry Girl Cookbook

Hungry Girl author, Lisa Lillien, admits that she is obsessed with low calorie foods that tastes great. This is a fun book, full of easy recipes for favorites that you thought you'd have to give up on a low calorie eating plan. Not only can you enjoy chocolate peanut butter fudge (made from only 3 ingredients), but you can also sift through the fast-food makeovers chapter, finding things like chili cheese fries, and heaping piles of onion rings. The recipes, many of which can be prepared for one, are simple, make good use of packaged convenience food products, and are geared towards satisfying that unrelenting appetite for high-calorie favorites without busting the waistline.
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3. American Heart Association Low-Calorie Cookbook

From the trusted source of health and wellness information comes the American Heart Association's Low Calorie Cookbook, complete with over 200 scrumptious recipes, shopping and cooking tips, and nutrition analyses for each recipe. The recipes in this book appeal to a variety of palettes, pleasing those who prefer a traditional fish and chips, to a dish of chicken with swiss chard, walnuts, and goat cheese for a more sophisticated flavor. While it is not a throw-it-together type of cookbook, the skill level needed to prepare the dishes is not especially high, making it easy to use for the average low calorie cook.
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4. Healthy 1-2-3

It is fascinating to see what award-winning chef Rozanne Gold can conjure with only three ingredients in this beautiful 3-ingredient low-calorie cookbook. That's right. Each unique recipe uses only 3 ingredients each, making use of exotic additions such as candied violets and salmon caviar. Most recipes are accompanied by gorgeous, full-page color photos that are as much a work of art as the dish itself. Cooking from this book will keep your shopping list short, however this book may not be for everyone as you can expect the recipes to be more time-consuming, and geared towards a well-experienced cook.
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5. Favorite Brand Name Light Cooking

Find exciting low calorie recipes ranging from clam chowder to chocolate moose in this beautifully-done cookbook. The recipes are very manageable and geared toward the average low calorie cook who wants to feed their family healthier meals. While a few of the recipes do call for specific brand name ingredients, most do not and instead call for easy-to-find ingredients.
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