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Advice on Kitchen Tools, Products, Books, and Retailers

Maneuver through the myriad of gadgets, products, and tools available for today's cook with a helping hand. Advice on what and where to buy, to make the most of your time and money!

Review of Ellie Krieger's So Easy Cookbook
A review of Ellie Krieger's latest cookbook addition, "So Easy" gives the book a thumbs up for the health conscious and dieters in need of new, fresh recipes. The cookbook does make eating delicious, yet healthy food, so easy.

Weight Watchers New Complete Cookbook
Find out if the Weight Watchers New Complete Cookbook is for you! Chuck full of 500 recipes that taste good and are good for your health, all recipes offer points values, and the book also coincides with the weight watchers momentum program.

Top 10 Gifts to Cook Healthy
Impress those who like to cook healthy with perfect gifts for the kitchen. From citrus squeezers to hand graters, this list of gifts to cook healthy will help your holiday shopping go a little smoother.

Cooking Light Slow Cooker Cookbook
A whole collection of healthy, slow cooker recipes is at your fingertips in this compilation of cooking light's slow cooker recipes.

Cooking Light Annual Recipes 2009 Cookbook
A review of the Cooking Light Annual Recipes 2009 cookbook reveals yet another stalwart addition to the cooking light library in this appetizing collection of over 800 good-for-you recipes.

Top 10 Gift Ideas For the Low Calorie Cook
Do you have a low calorie cook on your gift list, or is your family and friends begging for a wish list from you? Here is a collection of 10 must-have items for the low calorie cook's kitchen that will make a lovely gift for under the tree.

OXO Good Grips Fat Separator, 4-Cup Capacity
Here is a review of the OXO Good Grips Fat Separator in the 4-cup capacity size.

Martha Stewart GreenPan Fry Pan, 11-inch
A review of the Martha Stewart GreenPan Fry Pan, 11-inch

Top 5 Low Calorie Cookbooks
As you wade through the myriad of low calorie cookbooks on the market today, keep these five selections at the top of your list. There is a cookbook here to suit everyone, from the novice looking for convenient low calorie fare, to the experienced, gourmet low calorie cook wanting to stretch their culinary ambitions.

Non-stick Safety Concerns
If you have decided to start cooking the low calorie way, you may be in the market for a good set of non-stick pans. With environmental safety concerns being on many of our minds, you might want to check out the About.com Guide to Environmental Issue's article for great information on the safety of many types of popular non-stick cookware, before choosing which pans to buy.

Low Calorie Shirataki Noodles
Here is an article on low calorie, low carbohydrate noodles, with only 20 calories per serving! Find useful information and purchasing how-to's.

Hungry Girl Cookbook
A review of the Hungry Girl Cookbook which is a collection of recipes for low calorie and low fat cooking. You will also find purchasing information for the cookbook.

Splenda Brand Sweetener
A website with purchasing information and tips for using Splenda, a calorie-free sugar substitute. Splenda is a good choice if you are looking for a sugar replacement that does not lose its sweetness when cooked at high temperatures.

Sunsweet Lighter Bake
Sunsweet Lighter Bake is a fat replacement product for baking. It can replace 100 percent of the margarine, butter, oil, or shortening in your baked goods! It is not always easy to find in the store, but you can purchase it at the company's website.

Low Calorie Cookbooks
If you are stuck in a rut and tired of the same old boring recipes, why not try out a new cookbook designed specifically for low calorie eaters? This list will help you choose some of the best ones.

300 Under 300 Calorie Cookbook
Here is a review of Lisa Lillien's Hungry Girl 300 Under 300 Calorie Cookbook

Misto Olive Oil Sprayer Review
The misto olive oil sprayer

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