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Recipes for Pasta, Grains, & Sides

Here you will find flavorful spins on everthing from potatoes and vegetables to pastas, rice, and whole grains.
  1. Grains (10)
  2. Pasta (15)
  3. Vegetables and Potatoes (35)

Top 5 Side Dish Salads
Too often, the goodness of a healthy salad is ruined by an over-abundance of fattening dressings and condiments. This is not the case in my top 5 picks for side dish salads. All are lean, delicious, and perfect if you are assigned to bring a salad or side dish to your next get-together.

Marinated Tomato Salad
Juicey, ripe tomatoes in this marinated tomato salad makes a lean and flavorful salad, great for a summer pot-luck or barbeque.

Apple Cider Slaw
A lightened-up version of creamy coleslaw with a hint of sweet crunchy apples makes this yummy side dish a complete delight.

Baked Beans
This delicious baked beans recipe is full of flavor with smokey bacon and paprika paired with sweet brown sugar. Its a healthy baked bean recipe that is sure to please.

Black Beans
If you want to make cooked Mexican black beans that taste as good as those from Mexican restaurants, you will find that you can easily do so. This recipes is simple, healthy, and low in calories, making it ideal for a low calorie diet.

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