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Easy Low Calorie Recipes


Many of us would like to eat better, but may not have the time, or feel we don't have the skill to prepare healthy meals. This is not the case when you are armed with a full collection of low calorie easy recipes. From chicken entrees to side dishes, find your easy, healthy recipes here.
  1. Easy Chicken Recipes
  2. Easy Meatless Recipes
  3. Easy Side Dish Recipes
  4. Easy Lunch Recipes
  5. Easy Dessert Recipes

Easy Chicken Recipes

One of America's favorite dinners, chicken can be served in so many ways. By using boneless, skinless chicken breasts, it can also become one of the leanest meals!

Easy Meatless Recipes

You may be surprised to see how filling a meal can be without meat being the center star. Easy meatless recipes are simple, and may even save you a dollar or two when preparing your meals!

Easy Side Dish Recipes

Sometimes its easy to forget the "extras" that go along with a meal. Side dishes are a great way to add extra vegetables and whole grains to your meal.

Easy Lunch Recipes

Lunch is often the meal that has the least amount of time spent on it. In fact, it is often eaten on-the-go. Skip lunch, and you may set yourself up for an afternoon of unhealthy munching. Try these easy lunch recipes to help improve your lunching habits

Easy Dessert Recipes

Who can forget dessert? With these easy, low calorie dessert recipes, you will easily end those special meals with a sweet treat.

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