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Russian Christmas Recipes


If you are preparing a traditional Russian Christmas feast, you will be happy to know that there are many low calorie options available in traditional Russian cuisine. Many dishes centered on vegetables and grains and nuts are popular during the holiday season, making it easy to serve some very traditional healthy dishes.

1. Sukhoĭ Gribnoĭ Sup

This traditional mushroom soup is made from dried mushrooms which were collected earlier in the year during the mushroom picking season which is a popular past time in the country. This simple soup consists of mushrooms, water, a bit of seasoning, and only a small amount of oil. While the soup itself may not be overly filling, it is an excellent choice to serve as a soup course or just alongside some other traditional Russian items.

2. Kutya

Kutya is a traditional pudding often served as the first course in the Christmas feast and is a wonderful medley of healthy wheat berries, poppyseeds, chopped fruits such as dates, figs, and raisins, and heart healthy almonds. Some sweetener is added in the form of honey or sugar, and a bit of half and half is used as well. But focus on the healthy medley of dried fruits, nuts, and wheat berries and this pudding can be a great and healthy filler.

A fun fact from our about.com guide to Eastern European food says that some families toss of spoonful of Kutya to the ceiling, and if it sticks it signals a plentiful honey harvest is to come.

3. Borshch

This meatless borshch or beet soup is just loaded with tons of vegetables such as beets, onions, mushrooms, cabbage, carrots, and celery. Often on Christmas feasts in this part of the world lacks meat as it is the last day of Advent when meat is not included as part of the meal. Do be aware that if you plan to serve this beet soup, you will need to begin a few days in advance in order to prepare the beet sour which must be made ahead of time and left to sit. Once the soup is made, it has so few calories you do not need to feel guilty at all about indulging.

4. Ragu iz Ovoshej

Ragu iz Ovoshej is a stew of carrots, potatoes, rutabaga, turnips, parsley, all simmered in a rich stock. It makes a hearty and warm Christmas Eve meal and is quite low in a fat and calories. This stew is wonderful served along with beans and legume that have simmered all day which signify wealth and prosperity and make a popular Christmas Eve meal.
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