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Easter Recipes

Low Calorie Easter Recipes


For many people, Easter time centers around time with family, and like most other holidays, food! Planning a holiday feast can seem daunting when you are really trying to make efforts towards making healthy yet delicious food choices. Normally, it is difficult to stray from traditional foods which are eaten at specific holidays. Here you will find some low calorie and healthy recipes to go along with your traditional Easter feast.

Start out with a nice lean ham. Choose an extra lean variety to stay well within your caloric budget. Than adorn your meal with a few of these delicious low calorie recipes.

1. Scalloped Potato Dish

What goes great with an Easter ham? Well, of course, scalloped potatoes. This has to be my favorite scalloped potato dish that I have ever made. And before making these on a regular basis, I never knew that homemade scalloped potatoes were really this easy. I sometimes used gruyere cheese in place of the swiss cheese. As long as you use a nice, highly flavored cheese for this recipe, all should be well.

2. Asparagus with Vinaigrette and Egg

Asparagus is normally just coming into season around Easter time, so it happens to make a terrific side dish for your Easter feast. This recipe really goes the extra mile in making it a good Easter side dish by topping it with chopped hard boiled eggs, an Easter must-have. A very light and lemony vinaigrette drizzled on top of the asparagus gives it just the right touch of flavor.

3. How to Make Hard Boiled Eggs

Maybe you do not need instructions for this obvious Easter time must-have. However, I this method is a little different than the one I usually use. Instead of boiling the eggs the entire time, you can simply bring the eggs to a boil, and then let them sit according to the time required for either hard or soft boiled eggs.

I usually have trouble with cracked hard boiled eggs. By not boiling them the entire time, maybe you can cut down on the number or cracked eggs you end up with!

4. Sausage and Mushroom Brunch Casserole

If you are making a lovely Easter brunch, this lowfat version of sausage and mushroom casserole may just suite your needs perfectly. Simple substitutions are used to make this dish lower in fat and calories, such as using chicken sausage, egg substitute in place of some (but not all) of the eggs, and you can even choose to use a low fat variety of cheddar cheese. Even better, the casserole can be made the night before, refrigerated, and cooked in the morning before you are ready to eat.

5. Spinach Quiche

Here's another recipe that is perfect for a low calorie and healthy Easter brunch. The texture and flavor of this spinach quiche is amazing. And the calorie savings pile up. First off, instead of making a buttery crust to hold the quiche, a simple large flour tortilla is used as the base to hold everything together. Part skim mozzarella cheese is used instead of a full-fat variety of any other type of cheese. Also, egg whites as well and whole eggs are used, and of course those egg whites add to the calorie savings. One other great thing about this quiche, it is loaded with fresh, healthy spinach to start your Easter day out right!

6. Bunny Salad Recipe

I love this bunny salad recipe for kids. It is adorable and fun for them, and is a nice change of pace from all of the chocolate and sugar that they will otherwise probably be eating on Easter. The ingredients that are in this salad include all healthy ingredients such as canned pears (use fresh, peeled pears if they are available!), currants, almond slices, lettuce, and yogurt. A very healthy and child-friendly salad indeed!

7. Low-Fat Easter Sugar Cookies

What to do for Easter dessert? Its not like there won't be enough chocolate Easter treats to go around. But, sometimes a special Easter dessert is nice to add to your meal. These low fat Easter sugar cookies may be the perfect little treat. They are made with a little less butter than a traditional sugar cookie. Instead of smothering the finished cookies with rich icing, sprinkle them lightly with pastel colored sugar sprinkles, and you really have a nice and low calorie sweet treat.

8. Carrot Salad

Here's one more recipe with the kiddos in mind. This carrot recipe, very fitting for Easter, combines fresh shredded carrots, sweet crisp apples with a light dressing of yogurt, mayonnaise, cinnamon, and sugar. The recipe does not use much mayonnaise, helping out with the calorie content. You could, of course, always substitute a low-fat mayonnaise to save on some fat and calories. Another time saving tip is to use pre-shredded carrots, available in the produce section. You will only need to shred the apples once the carrots are done.
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