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Dutch Christmas Recipes


The Christmas season in the dutch culture consists of time with family, beautiful decorations, and holiday foods and not so much on commercialism. If you are looking to incorporate a few dutch specialties into your Christmas meal, there are several recipes you can choose from that remain relatively low in calories when compared to other popular calorie laden treats.

1. Kerststol or Christmas Bread

The name says it all. This recipe for Christmas bread incorporates sweet dried fruits into a delicious bread loaf eaten around the holidays. Prepare a loaf and enjoy with your morning meal, or as an after meal snack. The about.com guide to Dutch food is liberal with use of all kinds of dried fruits though a more traditional recipe may include only raisins and currants. Today's variety and selection of dried fruits allows for such liberties.

2. Rolled Pork Loin with Brandied Raisins

This rolled pork loin recipe can be served as a single dish meal, perhaps only with a sweet dutch bread making it an easy dish to prepare. The special cut of pork is popular during the holidays, and the about.com guide to Dutch food has paired it nicely with apples and brandy-soaked raisins which are also popular around the holidays.

3. Braised Beef with Bischopswijn & Boerenjongens

The name of this recipe may sound intimidating. But bischopswijn is simply is simply a mulled wine which the about.com guide to dutch food provides a recipe for, and boerenjongens are brandied raisins. Both can be made with recipes included, or may be bought at specialty stores. This particular braised beef recipes is recommended as a way to use up bischopswijn and boerenjongens left over from celebrating Sinterklaas, which is the holiday celebrated near the beginning of December by the Dutch.
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