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Menu Planning Ideas and Collections

Wondering how to bring it all together? All you need to know about planning, shopping, and preparing for an impeccable menu.

Shrimp Stir Fry Menu
How does a healthy dinner in 22 minutes sound? This easy shrimp stir fry

Low Calorie Fall Meals and Recipes
A chill is in the air and you are ready to start cooking those hearty low calorie fall meals once again. Let this guide provide you with lots of inspiration and ideas for making your fall menus.

Ideas for a Low Calorie Snack
Having a low calorie snack is not only enjoyable, but may actually help in weight loss efforts by keeping hunger at bay, and by helping to maintain a vigorous metabolism. Enjoying a low calorie snack that is also loaded with nutrients keeps your body feeling good and healthy. Here's just a few low calorie snack suggestions that offer a satisfying and nutritious pick-me-up during the day.

Low Calorie Lunch Menus
A good low calorie lunch is not only low in calories, but is filling, healthy, and tasty. This can be a challenge, especially when you are on the go. Here are 5 low calorie lunch ideas, complete with side dishes and recipes, that are easy to take with you.

Low Calorie No Cook, or Low Cook, Recipes
The last thing you want to do on a hot summer day is to heat up the house by cooking! No cook recipes are in order for such a day as this. By using no cook recipes, or those that require very little cooking, you can enjoy a satisfying meal without over-heating your living area. And, it does not require that you eat salads every day! Try a refreshing seviche, or vegetable-stuffed panini for a litt…

Easy Recipes - Easy Low Calorie Recipes
Here you will find a collection of low calorie recipes that are not only healthy and delicious, but are also easy to prepare.

Low Calorie Weekday Meals
A full collection of 5 low calorie meals for the weekdays is here at your fingertips. Make your shopping list from these five menus, and have a week full of meals ready to prepare.

A Low Calorie Easter Menu
For many, the center of the Easter celebration is the food! So, how do you enjoy Easter dinner while sticking to your low calorie budget? It may not be as difficult as you think, as long as you are armed with flavorful, easy-to-prepare recipes.

Superbowl Appetizer Menu
The superbowl calls for party food, which unfortunately can oftentimes be laden with fat, calories, and sodium. This collection of recipes will give you the flexibility of preparing appetizers that you are used to eating at the superbowl with a fraction of the calories and fat that you might find in the original dish.

Low Calorie Superbowl Menu
Superbowl day seems to call for one thing: fingerfood! Check out this menu of low calorie foods that can be eaten sans utensils, making eating while game watching a simple task!

Low Calorie Christmas Eve Menu
Some families prepare a large turkey or ham feast on Christmas Eve, but my family saves the big meal for Christmas Day, and indulges in a hot pot of soup as in this Christmas Eve Menu.

Low Calorie Budget Meals
If you are looking for healthy, low calorie food without bursting your purse strings, these low calorie budget meal tips and recipes are exactly what you are looking for.

Top Five Soup Meals
Soup can make a satisfying and nutritious meal. Check out these five top recipes for low calorie soups which are suitable for far more than a starter course.

Stocking the Low Calorie Pantry
Learn which foods to throw in your shopping cart when you are stocking your pantry for successful low calorie cooking.

Shopping for Fruits and Vegetables
When stocking your low calorie pantry with healthy fruits and vegetables, check out this list for items that should be in your shopping cart.

Shopping for Protein Items
Look to this handy list when deciding which high protein items to put in your low calorie cooking shopping cart.

Shopping for Low Calorie Dairy Products
Refer to this guide when stocking up on low calorie dairy items for your refrigerator.

Shopping for Low Calorie Grains
Grains and carbohydrates most definately fit into a low calorie eating style. As with most other food items, the less processed they are, the better. Refer to this guide to help you stock your low calorie pantry with grain products.

Shopping for Fats and Oils
Even low calorie cooking requires you to shop for some fats and oils. Check out this list for help in which to choose.

Shopping for Low Calorie Condiments and Flavorings
Condiments and flavorings and a must in many low calorie recipes as they add a punch of flavor without the calories. Look here to find which ones are your best bet.

Meal Planning
One downfall for many would-be low calorie cooks is simply that when it comes to dinnertime, there is no plan for what to cook! Take a little time to do some meal planning at the beginning of the week so that you are well-stocked and prepared for the dinnertime crunch.

How to Have a Light Summer Barbeque
Keep your summer barbeque light, delicious, and filling with a few tips for preparing and serving low calorie fare, full of flavor.

Dinner in 30
On an especially busy night, look to these five recipe ideas for a healthy and quick meal, ready in 30 minutes or less.

Family-Style Dinner Menu
Follow these suggestions for putting together a traditional family-style dinner, complete with the chicken, mashed potatoes, and creamy gravy.

5 Spring Recipes
Here is a selection of recipes perfectly suited for a warm spring day. Most take advantage of fresh, new spring produce that is at its peak in springtime.

Balanced Meal Planning
Visit About.com's Guide to Busy Cooks to learn about planning meals that are both balanced and aesthetically appealing.

Cooking Light Website
You do not need a subscription to check out this online cooking magazine, featuring hundreds of lower calorie recipes. A fantastic section, Menus and Planning, features pre-planned menus whether you're looking for dinner in a hurry or a holiday feast. Also included are time saving tips and planning strategies to help you pull off a fantastic event.

Thanksgiving Side Dishes
The turkey may be the main event at Thanksgiving, but the side dishes play an equally important part! If you are not willing to sacrifice taste to eat a healthier thanksgiving, check out these top low calorie side dish recipes for Thanksgiving. You will find your favorite here, including green bean casserole, apple stuffing, and pumpkin...

Low Calorie Hamburger Cookout Menu
Here's the perfect combination of dishes for a low calorie hamburger cookout. Not only do you include the low calorie burger, but this menu accompanies it with the coleslaw, beans, and dessert!

Meatloaf Menu
The combination of meatloaf, scalloped potatoes and fresh veggies just go together so well! We love this low calorie meatloaf menu, and prepare these dishes together often.

Grilled Pork Tenderloin Menu
An evening barbecue that is low in calories is easy to put together when you follow this menu for grilled pork tenderloin with potato salad and other sides.

Game Plan for a Successful Asian Inspired Low Calorie Meal
Here is your game plan for pulling together all the different components of a successful Asian inspired low calorie meal.

An Asian Inspired Menu
All of the components of a tasty Asian inspired meal are easily put together in this low calorie menu. Teriyaki salmon is the star of this tasty meal, and is easily put together.

Baha Fish Taco Menu
All the recipes for a successful baha fish taco dinner can be found here including the homemade corn tortillas, side dishes, salsas, and refreshing granita drink.

Low Calorie Blueberry Recipes
One of nature's superfoods, the blueberry is great eaten alone, and great in a number of low calorie recipes.

British Christmas Recipes
How can you enjoy traditional British dishes during the holidays without blowing your diet? Here's a few dishes relatively low in calorie to enjoy on Christmas.

Russian Christmas Recipes
Enjoy a low Christmas feast filled with low calorie Russian recipes this holiday season.

Greek Christmas Recipes
Greek cuisine offers several options for serving a low calorie Christmas meal loaded with traditional foods.

Mexican Christmas Recipes
Enjoy traditional Mexican fare for your next Christmas holiday.

French Christmas Recipes
French cuisine offers a variety of low calorie dishes that you can choose to make for a traditional Christmas dinner.

Dutch Christmas Recipes
Dutch Christmas recipes can be a part of a low calorie meal by choosing the right ones.

American Christmas Recipes
Check here for traditional Christmas recipes eaten around the holidays in the United States.

Around the World Holiday Recipes
There are plenty of low calorie holiday foods in every culture if you know how to look for them. You can enjoy the holidays on a calorie budget no matter where you are.

Healthy Freezer meals
Having a few healthy freezer meals on hand can come in very handy on busy nights when you want to serve something quick but healthy.

Barbeque Chicken Dinner
This healthy barbeque chicken dinner can be started in the morning, before work, and will be ready when you get home.

Baked Salmon Dinner Menu
You wouldn't think that salmon would be a quick weeknight dinner until you've put this menu together.

Fajita Dinner Menu
Fajitas loaded with lean meat and vegetables make a great low calorie meal.

Chicken Parmesan Dinner Menu
You will hardly believe that this chicken parmesan is healthy and relatively low in calories! Serve it up with fresh steamed veggies, and big Italian salad, and a small side of tender pasta for a low calorie meal that is easy on the carbs too.

Beefy Chili Dinner Menu
This high fiber, low calorie beef chili dinner menu makes a tasty weeknight or weekend meal.

Pulled Pork Sandwich Menu
Sandwich night is anything but ordinary when it comes to pulled pork sandwiches.

Low Calorie Dinner Menus
Here is a week's worth of healthy low calorie menus complete with recipes and directions for making quick and easy meals that taste good and are good for you.

Easter Recipes
Here's a selection of healthy and low calorie Easter oriented recipes that will liven up your Easter feast.

Late Summer Menu
Here is a late summer menu for one of those warm summer evenings with a cool breeze complete with baja baha fish tacos, salsa, and fruity smoothies.

Grilled Salmon Dinner Menu

Healthy Stew Menu - Low Calorie Healthy Stew Menu
This healthy menu including pork stew, cranberry muffins, and a light salad is fit for a blustery fall or winter evening.

Baked Rotini Dinner Menu - Low Calorie Baked Rotini Dinner Menu
Here is a healthy pasta night menu for those watching their waistline.

Bean Tostadas Menu - Low Calorie Bean Tostada Menu
A fun menu with low calorie tostadas and peach and mango smoothie.

Slider Menu - Low Calorie Slider Menu
Here is a low calorie slider and french fry menu for get togethers or game day.

Top Low Calorie 4th of July Recipes
Here's a selection of healthy 4th of July recipes to try this holiday.

Italian Pasta Night Menu
Here is a menu for pasta night that is anything but ordinary.

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