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Low Calorie Basics-Tips and Tools for Getting Started

If you need guidance as a newcomer to the world of low calorie cooking, this is the place for you. Discover tips on ingredient dos and don’ts, cooking and baking tricks, ingredient substitutions, nutritional concerns, terminology, and more.
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Healthy Flavored Water
If you like to dress up your water a bit, here's a few suggestions for making healthy flavored water.

Calorie-Saving Food Swaps
Turkey sausage for regular sausage, mustard for mayo, soft-serve ice cream for a malt. These are just a few of the substitutions that can easily save you a lot of calories whether you are eating at home or are eating out. The About.com weight loss site offers these tips and other for easy calorie swaps without sacrificing pleasure.

How to Count Calories
You may get a case of the nerves at the mere mention of the words "counting calories." But this dieting tactic need not be daunting if you have the proper tools and know-how to make counting calories a bit easier. The About.com weight loss site will educate you on all the calorie counting philosophies you may be in need of!

How to Calculate Your Caloric Needs
Once you know what a calorie is, the next step is to determine how many calories are right for you. Are you eating too many or too little? How much weight do you need to lose? The About.com site to weight loss offers several tips on determining your own caloric needs.

All About Calories
If you have ever tried to lose weight, you probably have heard a lot of talk about calories. But, what is a calorie, and what do you need to know about calories? Here you will find answers to all of your questions and loads of fascinating information about calories from the About.com's weight loss site.

Top 10 Low Calorie Healthy Recipes
Healthy recipes are in abundance in this age of healthy eating. But healthy recipes that really taste good may be a bit more challenging to come across. Here is the list of top 10 healthy recipes that will boost your health and tantilize your taste buds!

Low Calorie Cooking - Low Calorie Cooking Basics
Learn new skills and tips for delicious low calorie cooking that is not only delicious, but healthy and satisfying.

Using Fruits and Vegetables
Vegetables and Fruits are a key in any low calorie cooking adventure. Learn about ways to include them in a variety of ways.

Low Calorie Ingredient Substitutions
Here you will find a shopping list of essential, must-have ingredient substitutions for today's low calorie cook.

7 Basic Tips for Low Calorie Cooking
Are you ready to commit to a healthier low calorie cooking style, but need a few pointers to steer you in the right direction? Here are a few easy steps to get you started.

Calorie Calculator
So, you have decided to start cutting calories from your diet. But, how many is too many, or how many is too few? What is your calorie target? Check out the About.com Guide to Nutrition's handy calorie calculator for answers to all of these questions. You will determine how many calories you should aim for per day, based on your weight, height, and target weight.

14 Days to a Healthy Kitchen
Here are fourteen steps that you can take in fourteen days to make your kitchen a healthy kitchen. From servings breakfast to stocking your pantry with healthy food, these fourteen steps will get you on your way to a fit and healthy kitchen.

How to Chop an Onion
Learn how to chop an onion into uniform, perfect pieces. These step-by-step instructions with photos will make an easy task of chopping your next onion.

Healthy Travel Tips
Eating throughout your holiday travels can be healthy with some planning.

Apple Selection
You will get the most nutrition and satisfaction out of a store bought apple if you know how to appropriately select one.

Selecting Broccoli
Enjoy fresh broccoli with its most nutrient density by knowing how to select the freshest broccoli.

Selecting Corn on the Cob
Choose a nice corn on the cob by following these few simple tasks.

Selecting a Cantaloupe
Knowing a few tips for selecting a ripe cantaloupe can save you from ending up with a tasteless melon.

Tomato Selection
Look for a few key points when selecting a fresh tomato to assure a ripe and delicious tomato.

Watermelon Selection
Learn how to select a ripe sweet watermelon.

How to Select a Peach
Selecting a ripe peach is not as difficult as you might think.

Selecting a Mango
Select a ripe mango, not based on color alone but by other factors that will help to assure that you take home a ripe mango.

How to Select a Pineapple
Select a pineapple not based on color, but a variety of other indicators that tell you your pineapple is ripe and ready.

How to Select Blueberries - Select Blueberries
Selecting Fresh Blueberries - How to Select Fresh Blueberries

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