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Valentine's Day Diet Tips


Valentine's Day can be a difficult time to stick to your diet if you are not prepared. But by following a few tips, and being just a little prepared, you will find that you can enjoy the holiday without ruining you diet.

1. Pick a Lower Calorie Treat for Your Loved One With a Sweet Tooth

What is Valentine's Day without chocolate? In fact, it seems that this is the holiday that celebrates terrific chocolate. But overeating this traditional delicacy is certainly not to kind to your waistline. Check out this list of lower calorie chocolates and sweets that are perfect your sweetheart's Valentine's!

2. Indulge in a Sweet, Red Treat

What is more romantic than feeding your sweetie a juicy red strawberry? Sure, you might think that, traditionally, on Valentine's Day these delicacies would be dipped in chocolate, but why is this necessary? Strawberries are naturally sweet enough on their own, loaded with anti-oxidants and vitamin C, and low in calories! So, share a big bowl of these succulent fruits with your sweetie without the guilt.

3. Buy That New Dress!

It may seem strange, but by wearing clothes that you really feel good in you may find that it is far easier to stick to you guns when you're faced with all things sweet on Valentine's Day! You may actually find that you are more focused on how great you look rather than how quickly you can unwrap that chocolate truffle. Also, by wearing slightly tighter fitting clothes to dinner, you may find that you feel satisfied with less food than if you are wearing, say, the famous stretchy pants or something similar!

4. Cook a Romantic Meal at Home

Eating out naturally brings about the temptation to indulge in an overly fattening, high calorie, large meal. So, why not spark a little heat with your sweetie over your own stove at home? This way, you have control over what foods you eat on the blissful day. Perhaps begin with a fresh salad such as spinach salad with nectarines and balsamic vinegar. Follow it with a lean salmon with citrus-cilantro salsa. Finish off the meal with a bowl of fresh strawberries and milk chocolate chip pudding.

5. Eat Slowly!

It is true! Eating slowly will allow you to feel satisfied with less food than if you inhale your meal! It takes a little time for you stomach to inform you brain that you are satisfied, so by eating slower, your brain will get the message before you have overeaten. Besides, eating more slowly will allow for better conversation between you and your sweetheart, and will allow time for a little more romantic eye-gazing.

6. Split an Entree

If you do find yourself eating out for a romantic Valentine's Day dinner, there are certainly a few things you can do to make sure that you stick top your diet. First of all, split an entree with your loved one! Most restaurant meals offer portion sizes that can easily feed 2-3 people! So, spike up the romance by sharing a plate to save yourself a few calories and dollars! Also, make sure that you choose wisely. Grilled or broiled chicken or fish accompanied with a fresh salad with dressing on the side can be a delicious, and low calorie choice.

7. Take the Focus Off of Food

Your Valentine's Day festivities don't have to be centered around food at all. Perhaps your main entertainment can come from something like dancing instead, followed by a light dinner. This way, you can enjoy the evening with your sweetie, while burning calories instead of gorging on them.
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