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Healthy Halloween Treats


Are you throwing a Halloween party and looking for some fun halloweenish treats? Or are you just looking for a few ways to fill up little bellies before trick-or-treating to avoid candy overload? If so, this list of healthy Halloween treats will probably help you out! From mummy dogs to jack-o-lantern fruit cups, Halloween eats can be low in sugar and still a lot of fun.

1. Mummy Dogs

These cute mummy dogs are perfect for little hands, or as a finger food at a Halloween party. Making your own dough for the mummy wrap keeps the mummy dogs just a little bit healthier, and at least they offer a bit of protein as a part of a pre trick-or-treating meal. Serve with a little ketchup for dipping.

2. Eyeball Crackers

Just looking at these spooky eyeball crackers might make your guests think twice about putting one on their plate. But with green olives with pimentos supplying a very believable green spooky eye, and cream cheese filling in for the whites of the eyeball itself, they are quite fun to set in pairs upon your Halloween table. This is another item that is a simple finger food ideal for parties and get togethers.

3. Cinnamon Spiced Pumpkin Seeds

Kimberley K. Eggleston
What do you do with all of those leftover pumpkin seeds collected from carving your Halloween Jack-O-Lanterns? Well, if you have never tried roasting the seeds themselves, you really should! They are quite easy to roast, and taste quite good as well. This particular recipes takes regular roasted pumpkin seeds up a notch by adding a bit of cinnamon and cloves for a wonderful fall treat that smells absolutely amazing while they are cooking.

4. Jack O' Lantern Pie

This cute pie is so eye pleasing to kids, and fun and easy to make if you want to involve them in the kitchen. Sugar free pudding mix is used, keeping the sugar on the lower side. You can get creative with using different Halloween themed candies to decorate the Jack O' Lantern's face. It makes for a fun family project.

5. Halloween Tossed Salad

I bet you were wondering how to fit a few veggies into a Halloween themed meal. This Halloween tossed salad fits the bill simply by using veggies and toppings in spooky Halloween colors of green, orange, and black. Once you have the salad tossed together, you will see how it fits perfectly into a Halloween themed meal. Serve the salad with your choice of low calorie dressing.

6. Halloween Toasted Bats

These bat shaped toasted pita chips will have kids going back for more and more. It doesn't get much easier than using a bat-shaped cookie cutter to make the pitas into tasty bat shapes.

7. Jack O' Lantern Fruit Cut

This one is a favorite for kids, and for adults who would like to see their kids eating something sweet besides candy all Halloween night. They are so cute when they are completed, and you can fill them with any kind of fruit that your kids like the best.

8. Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

Here is another way to prepare those leftover pumpkin seeds in the more traditional manner. Pop a few of these into your mouth every now and again throughout Halloween night to keep from indulging too much in candy.

9. Deviled Eggs, Halloween Style

These deviled eggs are another way to sneak in some healthy protein on Halloween night. Perhaps use a low-fat mayonnaise in the recipe for extra calorie savings.
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