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Desserts and Sweet Treats

Every delectable meal needs a sweet ending! Scrumptious chocolates to tasteful tarts, and luscious custards to tasty pies, are all found here.

Orange Creamsicle Recipe
Here's a sweet low calorie dessert you can enjoy for only about 40 calories a pop.

How to Make Low Calorie Pumpkin Cookies
This recipe for low calorie pumpkin cookies with chocolate chips is lighter and healthier than a traditional pumpkin chocolate chip cookie recipe.

How to Make Low Calorie Berry Crumble
Put the healthy back in dessert. Lots of antioxidants and fiber make this berry crumble a bit more guilt-free.

Low Calorie Raspberry Ice Cream Recipe
It is simple to make healthy low calorie raspberry ice cream in your own home with this low calorie recipe.

Low Calorie Tapioca Pudding
Pudding can be a wonderful low calorie treat! This warm tapioca pudding uses skim milk and a reduced amount of sugar to accomplish just that.

Low Calorie Chocolate Meringue Cookies
If you've never tried making meringue cookies before, these cookies are for you. These chocolate meringue cookies are naturally low in calories, as the main ingredients are egg whites and a bit of sugar and cocoa.

Healthy Apple Pie
It's not easy to make a healthy apple pie, but by limiting the amount of sugar used, this lower calorie apple pie recipe become somewhat healthy!

Low Calorie Upside-Down Ginger Cake
This ginger cake recipe ends up with a delicious ginger-streusel topping. Not only is it delicious, but it is lower in calories than you would expect from a typical cake recipe.

Low Calorie Valentines Sugar Cookies
These sugar cookies are great for creating festive holiday cookies, whether you use a Valentines or Christmas theme.

Low Calorie Chocolate Mint Cookies
Chocolate and mint go together like peas and carrots, but in a much sweeter way in these yummy low calorie chocolate mint cookies.

Low Calorie Baked Pears
These low calorie baked pears are an excellent, sweet substitute for your typical sugary, gooey holiday dessert. Stuffed with wholesome nuts and fruits, you won't feel guilty indulging in this treat.

Low Calorie Classic Pumpkin Pie
It just isn't Thanksgiving without the pumpkin pie. If you are watching your waistline over the holidays, this low calorie pumpkin pie is a great way to go.

Low Calorie Baked Apple Crisp
Here is a delicious recipe using tart granny smith apples with sweet cinnamon topping in this low calorie baked apple crisp.

Blueberry Swirl Cheesecake
Creamy, rich cheesecake with swirls of blueberry sauce is sure to delight in this lower calorie blueberry cheesecake recipe.

Frozen Mint Pie
Chocolate and mint make a perfect match in this decadent frozen treat.

Mint-Infused Ice Milk
A lower calorie alternative to ice cream is this minty ice milk, using non-fat milk as opposed to cream.

Chocolate Sauce
Here is a recipe for lower calorie, sweet, chocolaty chocolate sauce.

Milk Chocolate Chip Pudding
This is a smooth, rich pudding to satisfy your chocolate craving!

Low Calorie Whipped Topping
This recipe uses evaporated 2% milk instead of cream to create a light, delicious homemade topping.

Low Calorie Strawberry Shortcake
This traditional strawberry shortcake recipe is trimmed up to be a lighter version of a classic favorite. You could use any type of fresh berries that you have, but we prefer traditional strawberries.

Low Calorie Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream
Chocolate peanut butter cups add excitement to this low calorie chocolate peanut butter ice cream recipe.

Granita Recipe
Granita is an easy and refreshing treat for a summer evening. This granita recipe combines fresh lemon and lime juice with the perfect amount of sweetness.

Low Calorie Ice Cream and Treats

These recipes for low calorie ice cream and treats will make you realize that you don't have to give up ice cream and sweets in order to eat low calorie! Try low calorie chocolate peanut butter ice cream, mint-infused ice milk, or creamy raspberry ice cream just to name a few.

Low Calorie Baked Apples
The aroma of these low calorie baked apples keeps your house smelling warm and comfy through the fall months.

Pumpkin Smoothie
A cool and refreshing pumpkin smoothie is made with low fat yogurt, pumpkin puree, and pumpkin pie spices. Here's the perfect treat for a fall afternoon.

Chocolate Mint Brownies
Festive chocolate mint brownies make a nice low calorie dessert near the holidays.

Pumpkin Tart
These adorable pumpkin tarts aren't only delicious, but also lower in calories than you would expect. A graham cracker crust wraps itself around a sweet pumpkin cheescake center in this tasty pumpkin tart recipe.

Cranberry Upside Down Cake
This fancy low calorie cranberry upside down cake will impress guests, and look gorgeous on your holiday table.

Low Calorie Holiday Desserts

The holidays aren't complete without dessert, and you can still stick to your diet with these low calorie desserts! Cranberry upside down cake, classic pumpkin pie, and chocolate mint brownies are just a few of the low calorie desserts you will find in this collection of low calorie recipes.

Pound Cake
Top this low calorie pound cake with fresh berries and a hint of whipped cream and you have a delightful and lean spring dessert. This low calorie pound cake is also delicious served on its own as a brunch item.

Watermelon Granita
Low calorie watermelon granita is so refreshing on a hot day! Watermelon, a bit of sugar and squeeze of lime juice combine for a tasty low calorie frozen treat.

Strawberry Granita
Sweet and refreshing, this low calorie strawberry granita rounds out an outdoor summer barbeque

How to Make Apple Tarts
Sweet and simple, these apple tarts are suprisingly low in calories.

Apple Tarts
These simple little apple tarts are wonderful as a finger food type of dessert, or to satisfy a craving on Thanksgiving without all of the guilt.

Recipe for Low Calorie Berry Crumble
Lots of antioxidant rich berries topped with a sweet oat and walnut crumble makes for one tasty and rather healthy dessert.

Low Calorie Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies
These low calorie chocolate chip cookies just might be a little taste of heaven.

How to Make Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies
These low calorie chocolate chip oatmeal cookies have lots of fiber and lots of flavor to boost!

Pineapple Granita Recipe
This pineapple granita seems so indulgent on a hot, hot summer day. But when you see how much fresh fruit, and how little of anything else goes into it, you'll find yourself whipping up a batch everytime hot weather is called for.

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies
These low calorie pumpkin chocolate chips cookies have a mere 64 calories per cookies, and give you that comforting satisfaction of taking in all of fall times good eats.

How to Make Frozen Pineapple Pops
These frozen fruit pops are low in calories and perfect for snacking on a warm day.

Low Calorie Strawberry Yogurt Pops
Here is a recipe for tasty low calorie strawberry yogurt pops.

Pineapple Pops
A freezer full of these frozen pineapple pops will keep hungry bellies full of nutritious food on a hot summer day.

Orange Creamsicle Recipe
Dreamy low calorie orange creamsicles can be part of your diet plan with a few simple ingredients!

Strawberry Swirl Yogurt Pops
Here's a recipe for your very own homemade strawberry yogurt pops.

Healthy 4th Of July Desserts
Try any of these low calorie summer desserts with you next summer barbecue.

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