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The Low Calorie Omelet

How to Make a Low Calorie Omelet


The omelet, generally several eggs whisked together, cooked around a generous portion of cheese, may not seem a likely part of a low calorie plan. But for all omelet lovers out there, who are minding their weight, you will be thrilled to learn a few tricks that can turn a fat-laden omelet into a lean and healthy one!

1. The Right Egg for Your Omelet

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In general, you find an omelet in the three-egg variety. But, did you know that by whisking 1 whole egg with three egg whites, you can create a terrific omelet with about half as many calories? As another option, you may consider skipping the fresh eggs altogether, and instead use an egg substitute which also is mainly made of egg white. Here are a few omelet recipes using either egg substitute or a mostly egg white base.

2. Watch Your Omelet Fillings

Generally, the omelete is wrapped around a generous mound of cheese in addition to other meats and vegetables. But, choose your omelete fillings wisely, and you will reap the rewards of enjoying a tasty omelet without expanding your waistline. Choose strongly flavored cheeses such as sharp cheddar or gouda so that you only need a small amount to achieve a real flavor punch. Or, use a lower-calorie variety such as part-skim mozzarella to limit calories. For a meaty omelete, go with lean ham or turkey bacon, and skip the sausage. Include as many veggies as you can.

3. How to Make Your Omelet

So, you are clear on what ingredients to use in your low calorie omelet, now the challenge is to perfect the art of omelet making. Even if you are a novice, this step-by-step guide will help you to perfect each step of the process, from whisking the eggs, to sliding the omelet onto your plate. And don't forget to use a non-stick skillet to cook your omelet, which will not only make clean-up easier, but will save a generous portion of calories since you will not need to cook the omelet in a sea of oil or butter.
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