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Low Calorie Recipes for Breakfast

Enjoy everything breakfast from stacks of golden pancakes, to hearty whole grain cereals, to light and fluffy eggs, even on a calorie budget with these low calorie recipes for breakfast!
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Banana Chocolate Refrigerator Oatmeal
This banana chocolate refrigerator oatmeal recipe makes for a healthy breakfast that takes absolutely no prep in the morning. You can prepare the entire the thing the night before.

Leisurely Healthy Breakfast Recipes
When you have a little extra time to prepare a healthy breakfast recipe, you may want to make it special. Here are a few favorite healthy breakfast recipes to please you and those you share breakfast with.

Quick Low Calorie Breakfasts
You've heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Those of us pressed for time will need quick low calorie breakfast ideas to make this most important meal easy to include in our daily routine. Here's just a few of my favorite breakfast-on-the-go ideas that will give your day a terrific start.

Breakfast Bagel Sandwich
Here's a quick and easy breakfast bagel loaded with satisfying protein, fiber, and wholesome fruit, yet is low in calories. Now that's the ultimate grab-and-go!

Breakfast Wrap with Fruit
This recipe for a fruity breakfast wrap might change your definition of a breakfast wrap for good. With creamy cream cheese dressing and fresh berries, mangos, and fruit, this is a breakfast wrap that your diet will appreciate.

Low Calorie Yogurt Parfait
This low calorie yogurt breakfast parfait is easy, quick, and perfect for a breakfast on the run that is still balanced and nutritious.

Low Calorie Western Omelette
This western omelette recipe uses extra egg whites to help make this a low calorie western omelette. Serve this western omelette for breakfast, or as a hearty brunch item.

The Low Calorie Omelet
The omelet, generally several eggs whisked together, cooked around a generous portion of cheese, may not seem a likely part of a low calorie plan. But for all omelet lovers out there, who are minding their weight, you will be thrilled to learn a few tricks that can turn a fat-laden omelet into a lean and healthy one!

Low Calorie Ham and Cheese Omelet
A ham and cheese omelet can certainly be part of a low calorie diet, and better yet, it is easy to make yourself. By using lean ham and sharp cheddar, packed with flavor, you won't sacrifice the taste of a ham and cheese omelete by limiting calories.

Low Calorie Veggie Omelet
Fresh asparagus and mushrooms folded into this veggie omelet are perfectly paired. This veggie omelet, stuffed with fresh vegetables, is a friendly addition to your low calorie diet.

Low Calorie Bacon Omelet
This fluffy, flavorful bacon omelet is surprisingly low in calories with lean turkey bacon and lots of carmelized onions.

Low Calorie Spinach Parmesan Quiche
A healthy dose of spinach makes this low calorie quiche recipe one which is both elegant and nutritious.

Raspberry and Mango Smoothie
Fruit and yogurt have been a part of breakfast for years, but your taste buds have never experienced them quite like this in this creamy mango and raspberry delight.

Spinach Omelet
A special occasion deserves a little something special for breakfast! This omelet would be perfect served with a couple slices of whole wheat toast for a special occasion.

Fresh Berry and Granola Parfait
This pretty parfait is so easy to throw together. It can be a quick weekday breakfast that even the kids will eat, or an elegant touch to a weekend brunch.

Berry Refrigerator Oatmeal
This easy refrigerator oatmeal recipe with berries is great for on the go mornings.

How to Make Mason Jar Yogurt
A quick and healthy breakfast for on the go mornings.

Banana Chocolate Refrigerator Oatmeal Recipe
This banana and chocolate refrigerator oatmeal recipe will be like eating dessert for breakfast, only it if good for you.

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